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About Us

In 1988, Mr. Dee Davis opened Quality Engineered Products in Elkhart, Indiana, USA. With Mr. Davis leading the way, QEP helped pioneer the use of acrylic adhesives for seam tape and stile repairs. We continue to work closely with our suppliers to improve and expand our product lines. We also have made significant investments in improving our machinery to ensurethe quality of our products and service.

Wall Border program

In 1999 we began designing and manufacturing decorative wallpaper borders.  We do not rely on conventional presses or printing processes.  Because our wall borders are printed digitally, we can make virtually any pattern adjustment you can imagine.  We can even take your own logo and digitized images to create a custom product.

With your direction, our design team can quickly design custom decorative wall borders, giclees, banners, art prints, and more to your specifications-- no compromise on your part!