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Design Process

QEP specializes in boutique-size orders, not factory overstocks.  Our art prints and wall borders represent the latest pin-worthy designs.  Boutiques, artists, and designers: partner with use to create a collection of prints and wallpaper borders that coordinate with your chic line of bedding and linens.

Create a limited edition collection of vintage era wall borders that the big box stores don't offer. Let us manufacture specialized souvenirs like growth charts, panoramic posters, and specialty wall borders from your museum's collection or promotional materials for your school bookstore.  Small business owners and Chambers of Commerce will love showcasing regional artwork, local landmarks, and historical/archival photos from museums, zoos, aquariums, and historical societies.

We offer a huge selection of ready-to-print wall borders and art prints.  We also produce custom fascia wraps, stile wraps, adhesive backsplash material, seam tape, etc.  We design products for use on lighting fixtures, as shelving and cabinet inserts, behind mirrors, to build/repair cabinetry and composite furniture, for use on aquarium tops.  If you have a unique idea for our products, we'd love to hear it.

Send us samples of your fabrics, paint chips, carpet samples, and wood grains, etc. and we'll work with you on the best product for your next interior design project.
QEP Design,
Mar 25, 2014, 8:26 AM