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Q. Where can I buy your decorative wallpaper borders?

A. We now offer select home decor borders for sale directly to the public in 5-yard bolts on eBay or on our ecommerce site.

We offer wholesale amounts to the trade:  hospitality, healthcare, RV/housing manufacturers, contractors, and interior design firms. Our minimum order is just 200 yards (forty 5-yard bolts or four 50-yard bulk rolls-- great for commercial interiors and boutique retailers). Contact our main office (574-294-6943 M-Th 9a-4p EST) or info(at)qepdesign.com for more details.


Q. What is the environmental impact of your products?
A. QEP manufactures all our products made-to-order. In this way we never use more material than we need to fill the order. This cuts out a good deal of waste resulting from overstock.

QEP offers an archival quality, acid-free paper substrate which can be recycled. We recycle paper and cardboard waste. We also recycle waste components from our equipment where applicable.


Q. How long does the design process take?
A. Design times vary. The best thing to do is to contact QEP’s creative team directly and schedule a consultation.

Q. What sort of fees do you charge for design services?
A. Based on the quality and amount of customization we offer, our fee schedule is very affordable. Most design fees will be offset by the first production order. Highly customized, low volume projects may be subject to additional studio fees. High volume customers may have studio fees waived. Please contact us directly for further details.

Q. How do I buy borders and art prints from QEP?
A. We currently accept valid checks, money orders, and PayPal. Any order for less than 200 yards must be pre-paid.  All prices are quoted in US dollars.  Contact our office manager for details.  Call ahead before faxing rush orders. 

Prices for custom designs vary greatly by product width, substrate, and level of customization.  Please contact our design studio for a free consultation.

Q. How do you ship your products?
A. We ship F.O.B. by arrangement to the U.S. and Canada.  Shipping fees vary by carrier. Restrictions by weight and size apply.

Q. What is the size of a minimum order? How much material do I have to order at once?
A. Certain select patterns are available in 5-yard bolts. Check us out on eBay. Wholesale/commercial orders:  you must order 200 yards (roughly 183m) or more per pattern. That is just forty 5-yard bolts or four 50-yard rolls.

Our minimum order for art prints varies by width of material. Please contact us directly for specific details.

Our minimum order for pressure-sensitive seam tape varies by width, but will be no less than 50 yards per pattern. Commercial inquires only, please.

Q. What are your lead times for production?
A. Once you’ve finalized a pattern, we can usually process your production order withing five working days. Additional packaging, custom designs, shipping and other logistical considerations may add to lead time.

Q. Do you sell your products to-the-trade or retail?
A. QEP works with many interior designers, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers, and design firms directly. We are happy to partner with reputable wholesalers, distributors and retailers in creating exclusive product lines for their customers.

Q. What wall border widths do you offer?
A. Any QEP wall border pattern may be printed from 2” up to 11.5” wide. However, we offer price breaks at 3.75” and 5.75” and 9” widths. Our most popular widths are 3.75”, 5.75” and 7” wide.
Decorative wallpaper border reference guide for QEP Design's standard pattern widths.

Q. Do you stock any finished goods?
A. Almost everything we do is print-to-order. We do stock a few select patterns for direct, invididual sale. Check us out on Facebook and eBay. We now have an ONLINE STORE . With our digital system, we eliminate pattern obsolescence. That means our designs do not become unavailable.

We encourage retailers, wholesalers and distributors to stock custom designs.


Q. What is the temperature range of adhesive on commercial wall borders and seam tape?
A. Our commercial (non-residential) adhesive has been tested from -20º F to 130º F (-28º-54ºC).

Q. What temperature should border tape be applied?
A. The optimal temperature range to apply our commercial grade peel-and stick to a wall surface is between 50º F and 110º (16º-43ºC)

Q. What is the best way for me to prep the wall before applying wall border or seam tape?
A. For detailed instructions on how to apply our commercial-grade pressure-sensitive wallpaper borders contact our facility at 574-294-6943 (M-Th 8a-3p EST) or e-mail info(at)qepdesign.com to request a copy.


Q. What does the design process for frame-able art prints entail?
A. The design process for frame-able art prints is similar to that for wall borders. Design times vary greatly based on size and complexity.

Q. Do you offer framing/matting services?
A. At this point QEP does not offer framing or matting services for our artwork. We would be happy to refer you to reputable companies who specialize in framing services.

Q. How much do your frame-able art prints cost?
A. Costs are figured per square foot and vary by substrate.

Q. Do you offer original artwork for sale?
A. We do not currently offer original artwork for sale. We can also take your own original artwork* and reproduce it as exclusive prints. Contact us directly for further details.


Q. What is your return policy?

A. You must contact us immediately if you receive an undamaged package with damaged product. Save all of the packaging that came with the product. We will not issue a refund without the return of goods and any undamaged packaging. Returned items are subject to a 10% handling fee. Sale, discontinued, and discounted products are available only in as-is condition and are not subject to return, exchange or refund.

Contact the carrier immediately If there is damage to the package. When you receive your order, immediately open and inspect wallpaper border, seam tape and art prints. Check the name/lot number, pattern, and color. Contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns. We will not accept claims made 30 days or more past the ship date.

QEP will make every reasonable attempt to get our product delivered to you in a timely manner. However, QEP is not liable for delay or failure of delivery of any of our products due to any sources beyond our control including but not limited to holidays, scheduled shutdowns, labor disputes, late delivery or shortages of our raw materials, production limitations, natural disasters, etc.

*It is unlawful to reproduce copyrighted material without express written consent of the copyright holder